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Wendy Faux, Producer, writer, photographer, Not Just a Wife,

I always wanted to be a war photographer; I soon realised that what I really wanted to do was tell stories – in photos or words. Each of us has a story and we judge our own story by what is ‘normal’ to us. This is where my fascination began as even if we have a shared event with someone, we each have a different, specific role.

Born in Bahrain and moving to Germany and Hong Kong before first living in the UK aged 6 it was evident that the military life of my parents would have some affect.

I loved taking photos; documenting the everyday, ‘the mundane’ life of our family and our travels. My Father was always a keen photographer and we grew up with waving at the silent cine cameras. Getting used to video was interesting with cries of: ‘You can talk you know!’

Joining the Army was an ‘itch I had to scratch’. I thought that it would give me a better understanding of how an army operates and where I should be to get the better photograph.

Although trained as a Graphic Designer it was the PR & Marketing elements of design that interested me. My thesis ‘Taking the King’s Shilling’ compared the recruiting material of the 3 Services and looked at branding…or lack of it! How things have changed since 1989.

Combining all of this, and learning so many more skills along the way, during my 26 years serving in the British Armed Forces has been a combination of triumphs, challenges and, at times, sadness; I still take great pride in discovering the hidden story behind the uniform.

Film is my next challenge. Transferring the skills of writing, photography and producing for short documentaries to the big screen is where I am headed. Based on: ‘Happiness is a journey, not a destination’ (Alfred D. Souza), I have passport in hand and am ready to travel!