Producer | Photographer | Writer


Award winning; HRH Prince Philip; London; Rifles; 5 RIFLES; Wendy Faux

All have had their challenges and collaboration was key.

My knowledge of the military helped artists to hone their ideas for their individual projects and my creative skills often resulted in more ‘out of the box’ events for the Army.

Most of my work has been in Germany and this has meant liaison between international news agencies, facilitating British news teams to cover events using a variety of methods and assisting local specialists with a specific desire to record events.

All things are possible with a little lateral thinking and investment in a network developed over many years.

Facilitating projects is something that I thrive on. The attention to detail and the challenges to be overcome with the additional desire to find that USP (Unique Selling Point) that turns a local homecoming story into an event worthy of national news coverage.