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‘Not Just a Wife’, my photographic exhibition, has combined all my skills of producer, writer and photographer.

It is the interaction with people that has given me ideas of what to do next and I thrive on the challenges of project work.

Working on the historical project ‘Briten in Westfalen’ with the team in Paderborn was fascinating and reignited my interest in history. It is by looking back that we can often take a project forward in a most unusual way.

I am preparing for when the exhibition finishes by writing a screenplay and learning as much as I can about this different element of story telling. Having written for print for many years I want to expand, develop and combine my skills into areas that are, at present, unfamiliar to me and will provide new challenges.

Working with the British Army has often meant limited or no budget, but networking, using my journalist contacts, intense research and understanding the creative process have ensured delivery. “A clear-headed logic” and “not one to be put off” mean that a way through can always be found – and an ability to be flexible has been key to this.

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